1 in 10 children have a diagnosable mental health difficulty,  that’s roughly 3 children in every classroom.

Support for Schools

Our aim is to bring high-quality psychological solutions whatever your need. We are committed to providing evidence based psychological services for children and young people, staff and senior leadership in mainstream, alternative education providers and special school settings.  We offer a range of specialist services to children, parents and professionals and have specialism in Mental Health, Autism and Learning Disability. 

Our model recognises that a commitment to improving the mental health and well-being of pupils and staff requires a number of supports at various levels within an organisation. Each of our carefully focused levels of support underpins the next and helps to build a sustainable and effective approach to mental health and well-being for both pupils and staff. 


Of course we recognise that each organisation may be at different stages within each level and therefore we offer tailored support to suit the needs of your organisation, meaning that the focus of work can be adjusted as required by your team. 

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Our Model of Support

We take a whole-school approach to mental health and well-being for pupils and staff. Each element of our model is described below and each level is intended to play a part in increasing the skills, knowledge and support available to staff and pupils. 

The elements at the lower end of the model are designed to have the broadest impact across the school, benefitting pupils and staff, with more specialist elements having a narrower focus. 

Each element is described below and if you want to find more about your school's requirements then please contact us using the link below. 

Mother and Daughter in Office

Direct Assessment/Intervention

All our staff are experienced CAMHS professionals. We aim to embed high level mental health support into schools  and therefore we are able to offer direct assessment and psychological intervention for children and young people within schools. This often avoids the need for long waits from mainstream services. We offer a range of direct assessments of mental health and behaviour and offer individual or group programs to address identified needs.  


Child-Focused Consultation


We understand that education providers often care for children and young people with complex needs which both are distressing for the individual and present challenges to those supporting them. Psychology Solutions are able to offer focused assessment and consultation with key staff to aid understanding of the individual’s needs leading to a psychologically-informed support plan. We bring a range of clinical skills that staff can draw on to help them understand a situation or challenge a young person presents and our staff work in partnership to develop and deliver an effective support plan. 


We offer a range of models to meet this aim dependant on school preference, e.g. the development of pupil welfare forums, staff consultation groups, individual staff consultations and “Pastoral Peers” Group, This is a regular group bringing pastoral staff from various providers to meet and benefit from psychologically supported consultation and support. 

Group Discussion

Staff Development


We recognise that a staff are fundamental to the success of any organisation and there is an increasing focus on educational providers playing a key role in the identification and support of pupil mental health difficulties. We aim to invest training and support into key staff members as well as the wider staff group to ensure that they have the skills, support frameworks and resources to support the children and young people in their care. 


We offer bespoke packages of training and regular supervision for key staff to increase their confidence and competence in supporting pupils and colleagues. We offer a range of training relevant to education providers, including:


  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Understanding behaviour 

  • Developing effective behaviour support in schools 

  • Autism - From theory to practical pupil support. 

  • Learning Disability, Autism and Challenging Behaviour

  • Attachment theory - Practical Applications for traumatised children.

  • Risk assessment and care planning 

  • Developing effective care for mental health and behavioural problems. 

  • Self-care for Staff and Pupils. 

  • Building effective teams. 


We also offer bespoke training packages on request. 


We recognise that staff development can take time to embed, therefore as part of our support we offer we offer regular supervision for key staff as a way of building skills, supporting decision making and care planning, 


We also recognise that staff often need support on days when our staff are not on your site, Therefore we offer telephone support* our of these times to ensure that your staff have access to high level support when needed. 

(*Only available as part of contracted support) 

In a Meeting

Systemic Consultation

This is usually part of any service we provide where we meet with the senior leadership team to fully understand their concerns, challenges and successes as well as the aims of the organisation from the leadership perceptive. This ensures that we fully understand the requirements of the school and helps to inform the support offered and develop some clear aims and think about resources, systems and processes to address the needs of the school. 

Paraplegic Sporting Event

Specialist Autism and Learning Disability Support


Our psychologists bring specialist knowledge in the assessment and diagnosis of Autism and Learning Disabilities. We also offer bespoke packages of support for more specialist settings where their main focus is supporting children and young people with Autism, Learning Disability or both. We also have skills in supporting the mental health and well-being of children and young people with Autism and/or Learning Disability and with developing comprehensive support plans to address challenging behaviour. 

What Support is Right for You?

We understand that no two schools are the same and we adopt a flexible approach to meeting your needs. It may be that you require more elements than others and we are always happy to accommodate specific requests.

We offer a range of ways of delivering services including bespoke stand-alone training packages, regular contracts ranging from 1 day per month through to regular day or days per week depending on your needs. We offer agreements covering specific projects or longer-term contracts depending on your needs.


We are happy to meet to discuss your needs and think about what level of support is right for your school.

Single Child-Focused Consultations or Assessment? 

If you are worried about a Child then please Contact Us


Consultation/Support around Specific Projects

 If you need some help developing or delivering a new initiative or evaluating a project we have expertise in project management and evaluation. 

Annual or Termly Arrangements


Have your own psychologist on site for a few hours per week, fortnight or month. Some providers prefer to have the predictability of regular clinical psychology time, so they can plan activities and get the most out of the support, and therefore request regular visits.


This time can be used for a range of functions such as staff supervision and support, direct child-focused assessment or support or a range of other activities that meet the needs of your organisation. 

Sharing Student

Abacus Psychology aims provides high quality psychological services that work in partnership with schools and alternative provisions. We understand that relationships are fundamental to the success of any support we provide and therefore aim to become seen by your staff as part of the team!


If you have any further questions or wish to find out more about how we can help then please call the number below or contact us via our Contact page.